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µTorrent 3.2 stable (27568)

От сайта:
This release is intended to improve the performance of the µTorrent client, as well as fix general issues from the 3.1 series.

Release highlights:

Show when files are allocating instead of disk overload

Make the user interface use less CPU

Refresh Add Torrent dialog with magnet link metadata

Improve performance when writing to disk
– 2012-07-30: Version 3.2 (build 27636)
– Change: add tracker.ccc.de as a default tracker
– Feature: disallow http connections to tracker.openbittorrent.com and tracker.publicbt.com
– Fix: disk cache size accounting

– 2012-07-05: Version 3.2 stable (build 27568)
– Fix: minor installer fix

– 2012-06-29: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 8 (build 27547)
– Fix: Crash when resetting detail listview via context menu
– Change: When downloading metadata in Add Torrent dialog, display „Waiting for Torrent Information“
– Fix: We were accidentally pre-allocating files in the default download location for
magnet links that fully resolved while in the Add Torrent dialog
– Change: completely disabled unbuffered I/O

– 2012-06-26: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 7 (build 27522)
– Fix: Improved disk I/O error logging
– Fix: Movie seeking in chrome browser, allow caching
– Feature: Enable content offer delivery via torrent
– Fix: Use correct save directory for single file mangnet link if metadata loads in Add Torrent dialog
– Fix: Apply „Name“ field from Add Torrent dialog to single-file torrents

– 2012-06-26: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 6 (build 27503)
– Fix: Single-file torrent name issue; ut would try to use the directory name as the file name
– Fix: Issues caused by multiple send2friend dialogs
– Fix: update UPnP reported IP at 1 second intervals
– Fix: fixed bugs in local socket rate limiting including overflow.
– Fix: fixed parsing resolution in .mov and .mp4 video header with multiple tracks

– 2012-06-22: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 5 (build 27480)
– Fix: crash when disconnecting device while in conversions view
– Fix: Don’t accidentally „run program“ when loading a magnet link in „Add Torrent“ dialog
– Performance: Take advantage of buffered I/O in all diskio thread file operations. Should work better on Samba shares.
– Fix: Bugs caused by showing a file chooser dialog for single file torrents in the „Add Torrent“ dialog
– Feature: support BitTorrent/uTorrent Remote registration via HTTP interface

– 2012-06-18: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 4 (build 27434)
– Fix: crash in mkv parser
– Fix: possible crash when starting up magnet links and downloading metadata from multiple peers
– Fix: „Add Torrent“ dialog was wrongly adding a folder single-file-torrent download paths
when user changed file location via „save-as“ dialog

– 2012-06-15: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 3 (build 27430)
– Fix: various crashes

– 2012-06-13: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 2 (build 27399)
– Fix: torrent will be force-started even if user uncheck the start torrent option in add torrent dialog
– Fix: crash in metadata parser
– Fix: SspiEnableHttpsServer crash
– Fix: crash in webui
– Fix: crash when receiving last block of magnet metadata
– Fix: Constant UPnP log message
– Change: Device paiing
– Fix: tiny utp leak

– 2012-06-05: Version 3.2 Release Candidate 1 (build 27343)
– Fix: fix dht vote announce issue
– Fix: internet explorer legacy toolbar pairing, was failing to pair
– Fix: make the toolbar pairing dialog become the foreground window, while pairing
– Fix: crash when opening containing folder for too many torrents
– Feature: when opening magnet link, improve ‘chasing arrows’ icon
– Fix: Toolbar pairing works again, was broken in 3.2
– Fix: removed codec column from torrent list
– Fix: improved file access – memory efficient file I/O
– Feature: added new BitTorrent Certified device icons and text
– Fix: startup crash when settings.dat was corrupt

Това е то – развитието на програмата за времето, откакто и аз свалям и споделям два файла. 🙂 😦
Играта е по-динамична, отколкото си мислех.


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